WhatsAppPlus – NVDA add-on for WhatsApp beta


This addon is made for the WhatsApp beta program for windows.
If you want the nvda add-on for the public version of WhatsApp for windows
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Download WhatsApp betafrom here

Added a large number of keyboard shortcuts for productive and comfortable work in the program, which can be found below.

General add-on features

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  • Now the message input field will change its name when we reply to a message.
  • Added labels for some program elements that are read by screen readers.

Hotkey list:

  • ALT+1 – Move focus to chat list.
  • ALT+2 – Move focus to the last message in an open chat.
  • ALT+D – Move the focus to the edit field. If the focus is already in the edit field, then after pressing the hotkey, it will move to where it was before.
  • ALT+T – Announce the name and status of an open chat.
  • ALT+shift+C – Make a voice call to a group or contact, or join an ongoing voice call in a group.
  • ALT+shift+V – Make a video call to a contact or group.
  • ALT+Y – Accept call.
  • ALT+N – Press “Decline call” button if there is an incoming call, “or call” button if a call is in progress.
  • ALT+A – Mute or unmute the microphone.
  • ALT+V – Turn the camera on and off.
  • ALT+O – Press “More Options” button.
  • control+R – Record and send a voice message.
  • control+D – Discard voice message.
  • control+shift+D – Pause/resume voice message recording.
  • ALT+delete – Delete a message or chat.
  • control+P – Open current chat profile.
  • control+shift+E – Toggles the mode that removes the reading of the user number when reading messages that are not in the contact list.
  • ALT+Q – React to message.
  • ALT+S – Star message.
  • ALT+F – Forward message.
  • ALT+R – Reply to message.
  • ALT+shift+R – Mark a chat as read.
  • control+C – Copy the message if it contains text.
  • ALT+C – Show message text in popup window.
  • NVDA+control+W – Open WhatsAppPlus settings window.
  • ALT+3 – Move focus to “unread messages” label.
  • control+N – Press “New chat” button.
  • control+shift+A – Press “Attach file” button.

Donate the Developer

If you have the desire, and most importantly the opportunity, to support the developer of this add-on, you can do so using the following details:

History of changes

Version 1.2.0

* Now, when you focus on a message written in reply to another message, the text of that message will be spoken first and then the text of the message to which it was sent.
* The name and type of files sent in the conversation will now be spoken.
* ALT+1 now works even when the chat archive or the selected messages section is open.
* ALT + left arrow helps to close the chat archive or the selected messages list if they are open.
* Now, pressing control+D, in addition to cancelling voice messages, also cancels the reply to the message.
* Information about the inability to record a voice message will now be reported when the message input field is not empty. This will fix a problem where pressing control+R would send a text message instead of starting a voice message recording.
* Labeled some items that didn’t have labels already.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added keyboard shortcut to navigate to unread messages. Since this feature is language dependent, this feature can be configured in the WhatsAppPlus settings.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for pressing the “New Chat” button.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for pressing the “Attach file” button.
  • Now, when recording a voice message, the synthesizer will not announce the names of the recording control buttons.
  • Added Arabic, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish and Turkish localizations.
  • Added labels for some elements that didn’t have screen reader labels.
  • Now information about reactions to a message will be announced when focusing on a message.
  • Now when playing your own voice messages with the spacebar, a pop-up window will not appear.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


WhatsAppPlus Version – 1.2.0

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