WikiSearch – an accessible software to search and view Wikipedia articles


Developed by: MesterPerfect, QaisAlrefai, MahmoudAtef

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This simple program enables you to search Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, without having to open your browser.


  • Look up any article quickly and efficiently.
  • View the entire article from within the program.
  • Browse more than one article at a time in separate windows.
  • Save articles as text files on your PC.
  • Change the color of the entire frame while reading the article. The next versions will allow further customizations to the colors and fonts.
  • An auto-updater that allows users quick access to new features.


WikiSearch V1.0.0

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3 thoughts on “WikiSearch – an accessible software to search and view Wikipedia articles”

  1. My Malwarebytes software identifies this as malware, stating it is a ‘machine learning’ malware. Is this a false positive, or actual malware?


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