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Online Certification Programmes on Basic Computer Training for the Visually Challenged

Course Title: Basic Computer Training for the Visually Challenged Eligibility Criteria: Good knowledge of English. Candidate should have either a Desktop or Laptop during the training period (Operating System Windows 10 with at least MS office pack 2007). Should have a strong internet connection (capable of handling Video & Audio simultaneously). At the end of … Read more

Web Development for All: VVNT Foundation’s Free Course for Persons with Vision Impairment

Are you interested in enhancing your web development skills? VVNT Foundation is offering a free Basic Web Development Course specifically designed for persons with Vision Impairment. This online course is led by industry experts and provides ample time for practice and learning. With 6 hours of instructor-led sessions per week, it’s an opportunity to empower yourself and develop accessible websites from the comfort of your home. apply now and unlock your web development potential today!

Empowering Careers: The Top 10 Online Jobs for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals

Blind and visually impaired individuals often face impediments to employment, with only about one-third participating in the labor force. However, the rise of the internet and digital technologies has open up new opportunities for these individuals to work remotely and achieve financial autonomy. Here are the top 10 online tasks that are well-suited for blind and visually impaired individuals: