Zhengdu screen reader – A brandnew screen reader for windows

Zhengdu Screenreader is a new screen reader. It is developed by the developer from China.

Welcome to Zhengdu Screenreader, a software empowering lives through speech! We aim to bring the joy and convenience brought by computers by creating a blind-friendly software: functional, easy, convenient to use!


You might be wondering, if there are so many screen readers to choose from, why

choose this one amongst its competition? The list of notable features is

outlined below. Keep in mind though that this is just a little foretaste of what

you are going to see later.

  • Speed of operation: blind people have slower access to computers than their
  • sighted counterparts. ZDSR developed an extremely fast speech engine
  • increasing the reaction speed by about 300% comparing to its competition. This
  • makes ZDSR a perfect choice for people who need to access the information as
  • fast as possible.
  • Ease of use: ZDSR is built on top of extremely logical and straightforward
  • foundation, allowing people of all levels of computer knowledge master the
  • product quickly and efficiently, making it possible to install it and start

working immediately.

  • Advanced and well-thought functionality: ZDSR has all the functions you need,
  • plus many more! With the built-in translation, Optical Character Recognition,
  • automatic labeling of controls and plethora of many different features carrying

out even a most advanced task is not a problem anymore.

  • Great support for the professional software: Are you a writer, programmer, data
  • analytist or an audio engineer? ZDSR has you covered. With its great support for
  • the software like Visual Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • and many more the software is not only read perfectly, but also starts being

friendlier to the user with many additional keyboard commands.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should choose ZDSR over any other

screen reading product available on the market.

ZDSR editions and differences between them

The product is available in six different editions. They differ in

functionality, recommended use environment and the method of activation.

them are outlined below with their short descriptions.

  • ZDSR Public Welfare Edition: This is the free edition of the screen reader.

It has only the basic functionality required to operate the computer

successfully. Its use is recommended when you need the computer to carry out

only the basic tasks and you do not have the money to buy the higher-end


  • ZDSR Youth edition: The most affordable (costing 10 dollars) edition of the

screen reader. It contains basic features like the Public Welfare edition,

plus some useful extras which can boost your productivity. This edition of

the screen reader uses the online activation method, meaning that only the

Internet connection is required to use the program.

  • ZDSR Youth Plus Edition: This edition of ZDSR contains many features

available in the highest possible edition. If you do not need support for

the professional software like MS Office or Reaper, this version will most

probably meet your requirements. – This edition of the screen reader uses

the online activation method, meaning that only the Internet connection is

required to use the program.

  • ZDSR Youth Pro edition: This edition contains most features found in the

Business Edition, including support for all of the professional software

like REAPER or MS Office. It is missing some advanced and diverse features

such as “Screen Navigation”, but this edition is sufficient for most general

and professional use cases. – This edition of the screen reader uses the

online activation method, meaning that only the Internet connection is

required to use the program.

  • ZDSR Business Edition: This edition of the program contains all features

from the previous editions plus some features unique to it, like the

forementioned “Screen navigation”. What’s more this version of the program

does not need Internet connection to function, as it uses a special device

called a Dongle which is plugged in to your computer and serves as the

authorization key.

  • ZDSR Local Network Edition: This edition of the software contains the exact

same feature set as the Business edition. The only difference is that this

edition is more suitable to use in schools, libraries, and other public

institutions, as it can be running on multiple computers connected to the

same master computer through the network.

Please keep in mind that when buying the online edition, your license is digital

and can be activated normally, while when buying the dongle version, you receive

a physical product in a box, and since it arrives from China, you might pay

additional import fees.


| Public Welfare version | Free |

| Youth | \$?10

| Youth Plus | \$20 |

| Youth Pro | \$26 |

| Commercial | \$232 |

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