blindgram – accessible telegram client for android – fully unlocked app

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Blindgram software is the first accessible telegram for the blind. This software is compatible with screen readers such as TalkBack and other screen reader software, and dear blind and visually impaired friends can use this software simply by turning on TalkBack or other screen reader software.

This software is supported by M-Studio team.


  • Compatible with screen readers
  • Fully accessible

The subscription is unlocked therefore you don’t need to pay to use blindgram. If you get any problem then simply close blindgram from the recent apps and launch it again. Download the appropriate file according to your device.


blindGram v9.1

This version has been updated to version 9.0.2 of Telegram.

– Accessibility of new features of version 9.0.2 such as Reactions, Voice Group chat, Video Group Chat, Live stream and …
– Fix Force Stop problem.
– Added blindGram v8.0 abilities.
– Fix Notification problem.
– Accessibility of Share photo and video.
– Accessibility of Shared Media.
– Ability to disable showing Emojis.
– Ability to Select All Chats in Chat List.
– Accessibility of Video player.
– Ability to Show Reaction as Menu.
– Ability to Show menu with single tap on text message.
– Added Ukrainian Spanish and Russian language.
– Fixed reported bugs.
– Also 5 days free credit for all members.
– This software is supported for at least one year.


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Download blindGram v9.1

Download blind gram 9.0.2-2756 – for 32 bit devices

download blind gram 9.0.2-2756 – for 64 bit devices

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