UnigramPlus – NVDA addon that make unigram a telegram client more accessible

Author: Kostya Gladkiy (Ukrain)

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Use Unigram in a more comfortable and productive way. This addon provides many hotkeys for a quick and comfortable use of Unigram and makes a lot of small improvements.

Some of the major improvements are:

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  • Adds a significant improvement to the display of messages such as a poll, a link, or a message with attached media.
  • When focus enters the list of chats, it removes such phrases as: “chats, tab, selected list”. And when the focus hits the list of messages, the phrase “list”.
  • The name and size of the file will be spoken when the cursor is focused on the “Open File” button or the “Download File” button, and when the cursor is focused on the play button of the audio file, you will hear its name and duration.
  • When focus is placed on a voice message that is currently being played, first information about the time of its playback is announced, and then all other information.
  • When the focus is on a message that contains information about a call, the duration of this call is announced.
  • When focusing on a selected message in a chat, you will first hear the information that it is selected, and then the content of the message.
  • Now, when moving in the chat, the phrase “Seen” will not be pronounced at all, and the phrase “Not seen” will be pronounced before the content of the message. This feature currently only works in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Turkish, and Persian.
  • Significantly improved the function of recording voice messages. Recording, sending and canceling the recording of a voice message are accompanied by characteristic sounds. Also, when performing these functions, the focus remains in its position and does not jump to either the record button or the message input field.
  • If the media attached to the message is opened using the spacebar, then after closing it, the focus will return to the last element that was in focus.
  • The add-on allows you to completely disable the announcement of progress bars, as well as disable only the announcement of the progress bar for playing voice messages.

Hotkey list:

  • ALT+1: Move focus to chat list;
  • ALT+2: Move focus to the last message in an open chat;
  • ALT+3: Move focus to “unread messages” label;
  • ALT+D: Move the focus to the edit field. If the focus is already in the edit field, then after pressing the hotkey, it will move to where it was before;
  • ALT+T: Announce the name and status of an open chat;
  • space: Play/stop the focused voice or video message, or open a media file attached to the current message;
  • ALT+P: Play/pause the voice message currently playing;
  • ALT+S: Increase/decrease the playback speed of voice messages;
  • ALT+E: Close audio player;
  • control+C: Copy the message if it contains text. If the focus is on a link, the link will be copied;
  • ALT+shift+C: Call if it’s a contact, or enter a voice chat if it’s a group;
  • ALT+shift+V: Press the video call button;
  • ALT+Y: Accept call;
  • ALT+N: Press the \”Decline call\” button if there is an incoming call, the \”End call\” button if the call is in progress, or leave the voice chat if it is active;
  • ALT+A: Press \”Mute/unmute microphone\” button;
  • ALT+C: Press “Enable/disable camera” button;
  • ALT+Q: Press \”Instant view\” button, if it is included in the current message;
  • ALT+O: Press “More Options” button in an open chat, voice chat, or call window;
  • ALT+M: Open navigation menu;
  • control+R: Start/stop voice message recording;
  • control+D: If pressed once, cancels the recording of a voice message. If pressed twice, changes the notification type when starting, sending, or canceling a voice message recording;
  • ALT+U: Toggle progress bar announcements;
  • control+P: Open current chat profile;
  • delete: Delete a message or chat;
  • shift+delete: Delete message or chat from both sides;
  • control+ALT+C: Open comments;
  • Unassigned: Reply to message;
  • ALT+F: Forward message;
  • Unassigned: Edit message;
  • ALT+shift+R: Mark a chat as read;
  • control+space: Switch to selection mode;
  • control+shift+C: Copy messages with formatting preserved;
  • ALT+shift+L: Copy data for broadcasting to the clipboard;
  • control+ALT+right arrow – Fast forward a voice message.
  • control+ALT+left arrow – Rewind voice message.
  • ALT+C – Show message text in popup window.
  • NVDA+control+U – Open UnigramPlus settings window


  • All hotkeys can be reassigned in NVDA menu>preferences>input gestures.
  • The fact that the function that focuses the cursor on the “unread message” label can sometimes react with a delay is a known issue. This may depend on the number of cash messages at the moment.

Information about donations to the developer:

If you really like this add-on and you have the desire, and most importantly the opportunity, to financially support the developer and thereby motivate him to further develop this add-on, you can do this by transferring a small amount to the following details
Pay pal:
bank details:
Donation link
card number is 5169360009004502(Ukraine).
And remember that everyone who read this line thought that someone will definitely support the developer, but it will not be me.


* The function of announcing activity in chats has been added. By default, this function is activated by double-pressing the ALT+T combination. The function remains active only until NVDA is restarted.
* The function of automatic announcements of new messages in the chat has been added. By default, this function is activated by pressing ALT+L. The feature remains active only until NVDA is restarted. There may be stability issues if too many new messages quicly appear in the chat.
* Added a keyboard shortcut for the function of converting voice messages to text. By default, this function is assigned to the NVDA+ALT+R combination. Please note that in cases where the voice message is very long, then the conversion to text takes place in parts. That is, it may happen that when Unigramplus notifies you that the conversion is complete, only part of the voice message will actually be converted. And after a few seconds, this text will be added.
* Now, when navigating through the chat list, UnigramPlus reports information about premium accounts and verified accounts


* The mechanism for saving UnigramPlus settings has been significantly redesigned. Now the settings will not be stored in the NVDA config file, but will be stored in its own config file. This should solve the problem when users after an update or just suddenly UnigramPlus stopped working, due to problems accessing the NVDA config file. Unfortunately, users will have to re-configure UnigramPlus for themselves, as after installing this update, all settings will be reset.
* Fixed UnigramPlus compatibility issue with BluetoothAudio add-on.
* Now the information that the message is not selected will not be reported. If a message is selected, information about it will be announced before the message content.
* Now the order number of the elements in the chat will be announced if you have enabled the element position in the NVDA settings.
* Added labels to some buttons.


* Added a gesture to pin a message or chat. By default, no keyboard shortcut are assigned to this feature.

* Added a keyboard shortcut for pressing the “New conversation” button. The default gesture for this feature is ctrl+n.

* Added a keyboard shortcut for pressing the “Attach media” button. The default gesture is ctrl+shift+a.

* Added a keyboard shortcut to go to the list of chat folders. The default gesture is alt+4. This feature will be useful for those who use more than nine chat folders.

* Now, when switching between folders using the arrows, the focus will not jump anywhere.

* Now, when switching between folders using hotkeys, in addition to the name of the active folder, the number of unread chats in this folder will be announced.

* Now features such as “Mark a chat as read” and “Pin a message or chat” will also work in reverse.

* Added Romanian localization.


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