JavaScript course for blind and visually impaired

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Course name: JavaScript Coding for the Blind

Instructor: Saugata Ray

Course language: English

Screen reader used in the course: Narrator

Operating system used: Windows

Course mode: offline “you can download and learn it on your own pace”

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This course is specially made for the blind people where they can learn the concepts of javascript along with various projects.

This course will let you to learn the core concepts of JavaScript  including variables, data types, operators, functions, classes/objects etc to add programming in your webpages, if you are familiar with the two popular languages to design web page,

  1. Html: hyper text markup language,
  2. Css: cascading style sheet,

And looking for some accessible materials to learn the JavaScript;

then; you must start your journey and go ahead with this course!

Course requirement

  • Knowledge on HTML
  • Good knowledge on screen reader
  • A laptop / desktop with a browser

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8 thoughts on “JavaScript course for blind and visually impaired”

  1. Thank you to the owners of the site. This really helps us.
    I would like to ask if it is possible that we also have these courses in digital format please?
    Many thanks

  2. this website is very good. it is provide many resource for visually impaired. thank you very much for admin board.


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