Download – Eye-D Pro_8.1.2 – Fully Unlocked Premium App

Eye-D Pro app is one of the popular app in visually impaired community.
Eye-D Pro app is developed by GingerMind Technologies.
This app has various kind of features to assist blind and visually impaired people.
Some of the great features of eye-d app are:

  • Where Am I: helps you to know where you are currently located.
  • Around Me: helps you to find various things like banks, hospitals etc in the place you are located
  • See Object: this will help you to see the objects around your surroundings.
  • Read Text: this will help you to read text from any printed documents.
  • Accessible camera: this will help you to take picture with guidance.

These all are the basic features in the free version of this app but the pro version of eye-d app has more  advance features.
Eye-D pro has got advance OCR. This will recognize any text more clearly and accurately. It also supports other languages beside English. Some of the languages supported by advance OCR are Hindi, Nepali, etc.
eye-D Pro has also got Eye-D market where you can purchase other needed features like pdf reader, color recognizer, etc.

The cost of Eye-D Pro is $7.49
Similarly you may need to spend some extra money to purchase other facilities with in the app.

What’s there in this unlocked Eye-D pro version?

This is totally free unlocked app. You don’t need to pay any money to use this app.
Various others features available in the Eye-D market are also unlocked.
This app is unlocked by Karan Panhalkar so many thanks to him.


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Download Eye-D Pro unlocked app

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