JAWS 2022.2206.9 – June 2022 crack with instruction

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Hi after a long time we bring you the crack of JAWS 2022 June update
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What is JAWS?

JAWS “Job Access With Speech,” is one of the popular screen reader for windows operating system which helps the blind and low vision users to use their computer without anyone’s assistance. It provides speech and Braille output for the users through which they can use their computer.

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Whats new in JAWS 2022.2206.9 (June 2022)?

The notable change for JAWS 2022.2206.9 (June 2022) version is about the Notification History. This will help you to display a history of recently received notifications. To open the Notification History dialog box, press INSERT + space + N.
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How to use the auto installer to crack JAWS 2022.2206.9 (June 2022) update?

Here we are discussing about how you can use the jaws auto installer to automatically install JAWS June update and unlock it.

The auto installer interface has been changed and it looks more smooth.
we have also included the change log for the auto installer in this post so please check it as well.
here are the process to use the JAWS auto installer to install and crack JAWS 2022.2206.9 (June 2022)

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  • Before starting the actual process just take a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine, whiskey or anything you drink. You will know about this after I start to explain the whole process.
  • download the aJAWS auto installer from the link given on this article. Note: there are several download links, you can choose any of them.
  • After the file gets downloaded, launch it by clicking on it.
  • The file may take some time to launch. In some cases, it may say as unavailable or not responding in that case you just need to wait.
  • You will get a user account control dialogue box, press alt + y to allow the permission.
  • the program will launch, and you just need to press alt + s to start the installation and cracking process.
  • Now you just need to relax and sit. O! and don’t forget to drink the coffee or whatever you took with yourself.
  • Your computer will automatically restart after all the process is complete.
  • Hurrah! JAWS is now ready to be used. Wait until your computer restarts and start using the unlocked copy of JAWS screen reader.

Whats new about JAWS auto installer and crack software??

  • updated JAWS2022 to June2022 release.
  • Updated activation method that may support online update in future unless FS made any severe changes in licensing system.
  • Re-built installer engine and transfermation to Lua language from batch script.


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Download JAWS auto installer for JAWS 2022 June update

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