How to crack Jaws 2024

What is JAWS?

JAWS, or Job Access With Speech, is a well-known paid screen reader designed specifically for Windows operating systems. This software enables individuals who are blind or have low vision to utilize their computers independently without any external help. By providing audio and braille feedback, JAWS allows users to accomplish everyday computing activities such as sending emails, creating presentations, drafting papers, surfing the web, and completing fundamental tasks on their devices. JAWS has been widely adopted by people with visual impairments worldwide, and it’s often utilized during software testing processes related to accessibility and quality assurance (QA). Developed by Freedom Scientific, JAWS consistently undergoes enhancements with each update released. Recently, the company introduced several exciting features to JAWS 2024.

What’s new in jaws 2024?

  • Face in View:
    Video calls have become a standard form of communication in the workplace, in schools, and in personal relationships. Before joining a video call, you want to make sure your setup is right and the camera is correctly focused on you. The new Face in View feature helps with this by alerting you to key visual details like:
    Is my face centered in the view?
    Am I looking directly at the camera?
    Is the lighting adequate?
    Are there additional items in the picture??
    To activate Face in View, press the layered keystroke, INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by F, and then O. Once enabled, Face in View continually monitors your face position and the lighting level. If anything changes, such as tilting your head left or right, or a decrease in brightness, you are automatically alerted. When focused in the Face in View application window, you can also use TAB or the ARROW keys to review information such as the position of your face in the picture, the current brightness level, and the camera in use.
  • Note: Face in View is not currently available during an active video call as it needs complete access to the camera.
  • MathCAT:
    MathCAT is an open-source library that translates math content from web pages and Word documents to speech and Braille and is included in JAWS 2024. At this time, this feature is currently only supported in English and not supported on ARM devices. Additionally, only Nemeth Code is supported for Braille, and MathCAT settings are not exposed in the JAWS user interface yet. However, some improvements over our existing math support include:
    Improved speech for various math symbols.
    Speech and Braille column and row math expression cell content in tables on web pages and Word documents.
    Math Viewer improvements for navigating math content with speech.
    Improved results when entering equations into Word through the Math Editor.
  • Early Adopter Program:
    The Early Adopter Program lets you preview new and updated product features that are in development. As we gradually introduce features, you can evaluate them and provide feedback to help us improve before the final release. MathCAT is our first feature available for evaluation using the Early Adopter Program. MathCAT is a commonly used translator to convert MathML content into Speech and Braille output.
  • Split Braille:
    The new Split Braille feature in JAWS 2024 gives Braille display users powerful new functionality, including the ability to view content from different locations on the same Braille line using one of several types of views. When a Split Braille view is active, your Braille display is split into two halves, or regions. Additionally, two vertical lines are displayed between the two regions to show the separation. The use of the Split Braille feature is not restricted to displays of a certain size. It will work with Braille displays of any length though using it with smaller displays may be less beneficial.

For a complete changelog, please visit official changelog page of freedom scientific.

How to crack Jaws 2024?

Here are the steps to follow to fully unlock JAWS 2024

    1. Go to freedom Scientific’s website to get the download links for jaws 2024.
      You can choose between an online or offline installer.
  1. once the download is finished. Follow the prompts to install the software. It might ask you to restart your computer after installation; don’t forget to save your important files first.
  2. Get the crack file from the end of this post and extract it using a utility like WinRAR, WinZIP, or 7zip.
    password for the file is
  3. Please turn off your internet connectivity before applying the crack.
  4. Find the “jaws2024” file in the extracted folder, right-click it, and select “Run as administrator!
  5. The script will apply the crack automatically in just a few seconds.
  6. Start JAWS 2024 and enjoy using it!


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  1. It doesn’t work for me unfortunately. i’Ve setup without removing j22 at first. but, although later on i removed it. when i try to set it up, it says setup files might be corrupted. i’Ve cleaned all the jaws related files from registery, temp foulder cleaned and re installed but, The Installation isn’t successful at all. is there anything i can do? i wish there is an auto installer like j22.

    • Sounds like a corrupted download. Try removing your zip file and downloading it again, and be careful to type the password correctly.

  2. Hy! You don’t reply when someone asks a question in comments. As When I posted a comment in Image viewer post, You don’t replied and no alternative link or solution for windows has been given till now.


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